REVIEW – Kevin Bridges


Kevin Bridges is a firm favourite of mine and I was really looking forward to tonights’ show.  The venue, Joker Dome is VERY small and hot

This show has pretty much sold out its’ entire run at Joker Dome apart from tix available for extra dates which have just been added, which I would grab whilst you can – they will sell out.

Tonights’ audience were all Scottish apparently, no one outside the country was willing to state their origin in fear of slagging off.  With KB, that is not the case, it’s friendly banter, but even Mr Melbourne who was sitting right next to me was not for saying a word depsite digs in the ribs from me at the threat of outing him for some Aussie material !

There was a strange atmosphere at the gig, no drunks (it was 9pm) giving lots of material for KB who is more than capable of on the spot jokes and no one really biting at any of his audience questions.  Unfortunately for KB this is required for him to progress onto his jokes, but he battered on with them anyway without the smooth links.

He did come out with some absolute classics that had the audience laughing hard, but since the front row (medical students and a podiatrist) weren’t for engaging in much conversation, I don’t know why he didn’t move further back to get some fodder.  He even explained a couple of his punchlines which just wasn’t necessary, we got them ! 

I thoroughly recommend taking any chance you get to see KB, he is very talented and perhaps the people with the tickets for the rest of the run can do more than just stare at him.   I’m putting the performance down to preview show nerves and a quiet audience and give it  4 stars (out of 5)


Kevin Bridges

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