REVIEW – Jason Byrne at Assembly Hall


Jason Byrne is a festival favourite of mine and tonight (his opening night) he didn’t disappoint.  Despite a 35 minute delay in starting, the audience were receptive to his madness from the start.

He loosely talked about two injuries he has sustained in his lifetime, but obviously went off the beaten track in true Jason Byrne style.  Audience participation was included as usual, but a 15 year old boy who had hurt his hand in the past gave Jason lots of material on a plate  😉

There were just so many jokes out there, my sides were sore from laughing.  The finale of the show had EVERYONE in stitches – worth going to see that alone, but thankfully Jason doesn’t disappoint with the show beforehand

HIGHLY recommended from me and I give it 5 stars.  Get your tickets now before they’re all sold out !


Jason Byrne

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