REVIEW – Five Pound Fringe, Superclump and Blow Up ! Credit Crunch The Musical

The Five Pound Fringe is new to the Edinburgh Festival and gets a huge thumbs up from me.  The staff are extremely polite and even for the first day, it was running smoothly and on time.

I visited the slightly psychedelic box office and chose two shows for my friend and I to go to that fitted in with our busy Friday schedule.  As the days go on ,I feel that this venue is going to become VERY popular so if there is something that you want to see, get the tickets now.

I love the fact that the GRV box office hands out poker chips as tickets (with the time of the show on them) which is not only cute and fun, but very environmentally friendly  :)

APoker chips

First Show was – Superclump (1440)  hours and is a sketch show full of bright and very talented actors and actresses.  My friend and I literally laughed at every sketch for the hour that they performed, which is somewhat rare for a sketch show in Edinburgh.  Perhaps we liked the weird humour of people dressed as potatoes, 1960s dancing and many other topics.  The rest of the audience seemed appreciative as well.


I thoroughly recommend this sketch show to anyone and at five pounds it’s a real comedy bargain.  Most of the cast have other shows in the festival (as part of the five pound fringe programme) and if Superclump is anything to go by, I’ll be heading to them very soon.

4 stars from me !


Second show was only chosen due to the time fitting in with my schedule – Blow Up !  Credit Crunch The Musical (1620 hrs) describes itself as The collapse of international finance amusingly explained by a five-piece oompah band. Modern pop classics reworked with a Bavarian lilt while failed financier Max Klein explains just what brought down the world’s economy and cost him his job. Where bond insurance meets Bon Jovi, bankruptcy meets AC/DC.


The venue for this musical is small and intimate, so take that into consideration as the full five piece oompah band are VERY loud.  Definately not a show to go to with a headache !  I absolutely LOVE live brass music and revelled in the music of the show which ranged from Motorhead to Kylie to YMCA with a classic finale (and a very hard song to play).

I’m afraid to say that I just didn’t get the narrative of the show, thought it was weak and think that the fantastic music played would stand on it’s own right.  It really is something to hear modern music played in the style of an oompah band to a high professional standard.

My friend, who is from a theatre background thought the same and by the end of the show, I turned off to whatever ‘Max Klein’  was saying (couldn’t hear him sing anyway, he was drowned out) and concentrated on the band who were the stars of the show.

If the band had been on their own, I would have given them 4 stars but the slightly strange storyline brings it down completely (2 stars)  However, I managed to tune solely into the music and for that alone, I urge you to go to this show


Looking forward to visiting the Five Pound Fringe Venue more often, there brochure is a cute little A5 pink one with all the shows listed in chronological order.  I had the pleasure of meeting the woman behind the FPF today, Lisa and she’s a great lady to have put the whole event and venue together  :)

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