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Friendly service and the hottest curry in the world

The Kismot is a family run restaurant in St Leonards Street, opposite the police station.  It may seem out of the way, but it’s only a short walk from the Bridges and the Royal Mile etc.

We had wanted to dine here for ages so that we could try their chocolate nan, but since we love Indian food, it was no hardship.

The staff are super friendly here (without being over the top) and ample time is given on menu choice. It’s BYOB at the Kismot and free corkage for beer and wine.

We hadn’t brought any alcohol with us, so settled for iced water which was served by the jugful.

Since we are slightly ‘chicken’ when it comes to all things super spicy, we decided to not go for the Kismot Killer.  On ordering you have to sign a disclaimer due to it’s hotness, but if you manage to eat it, you get it free.  On asking about this challenge, the staff member told me, “my dad just gets a bit carried away with the chillies, there’s no way I would attempt it.  My dining partners were not going to take the risk with their weak western palate either.

We opted for 3 dishes,  a honey fruity curry  (to go with the chocolate nan), a lamb madras and a lamb bhindi.  All the main dishes are around £9.00, nan breads £2.95 and boiled rice £2.75

Lamb Bhindi

Lamb Bhindi

Lamb Madras

Lamb Madras

Honey Chicken & Chocolate Nan

Honey Chicken & Chocolate Nan

My dining partners and I couldn’t fault the quality of the food at all, it was simply delicious.  Their curries were suitably spicy and one had to be washed down with a lassi (bhindi).  The pure sweetness of the honey curry and chocolate nan hit the mark for me and no complaints from the other side of the table for their dishes.

We actually had somewhere else to be that evening, so were in and out quite quickly, but having dined there at weekends as well, there’s always a lovely atmosphere.  All of us said we would love to work the way through the menu.

There didn’t appear to be any set menu or early dining menus which I am sure would bring more customers in.

They are definitely unique in offering the Kismot Killer and chocolate nan, I am sure other restaurants will copy them soon.  But for service and comfortable surroundings, the Kismot comes highly recommended from us.

Full take out menu also available.

Our other review of the Kismot can be found here.

Suitable for disabled? Yes, it’s on the ground level and has a disabled toilet.

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