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 A Richard

Richard Simms is a delightful character who I met before going to his show when he was promoting on the Royal Mile.  He was super friendly and full of advice for me to live a healthier life.

Royal Mile Promotion

Royal Mile Promotion


Meeting him in person got me excited for his breakfast show that I had already booked for.  His assistant was lovely and they are a rare breed since they don’t insist you take a flyer from them, you will want to know where he is performing !

We arrived slightly early at B’est restaurant on Drummond Street but were greeted by friendly staff.

Mr Melbourne and I were seated at a table of 5 (with 3 strangers, but it’s the festival, so they become instant friends!)


I really didn’t know what to expect with this show, but for an hours’ show at the normal price of £20, I thought it would be action packed.

Richard came bouncing out to Patrick Hernandez’s ‘Born to Be Alive’ in his fluorescent pink outfit and got us all breathing and stretching along to the music.

A warm up

It was a fun start to the show, but after one song, he disappeared ‘for a jog’ whilst we ate our first course of breakfast, muesli, fruit and yoghurt and people made polite conversation with those at their tables.

4 songs later, he came back out and did a routine about making a smoothie with invisible props, using a member of the audience who was actually very good at what he did !

He then used another 2 members of the audience for another sketch, but in a friend;y manner, not embarassing them.

Again, he disappeared whilst we had our main course of breakfast consisting of grilled eggplant, a few mushrooms, a tomato and a poached egg. 

He returned 3-4 songs later singing a song whilst handing out extra mushrooms and then involved another couple of audience members for his last sketch.

I am torn as I write this review, as the cast are super friendly and Richards Simms is very talented and funny.  This show has great potential – but there are just too many gaps in the performance.  Out of an hour’s show, he was only on stage 35-40% of the time performing 5 sketches.

Everyone going to the show knows it’s interactive and I assumed he would be singing / dancing / mickey taking whilst we ate our breakfast and not leaving us to make conversation with each other.

We paid £10 each as it was 2 for 1 Sunday and I feel that this is a fair price for the food and entertainment, even £15 would be acceptable, but for the £20 normal price tag to be fair, I feel that Richard needs to be out for the whole show (allowing £10 for the ok breakfast).

The show WAS funny, but for me, not enough content.  I do recommend going to this show if £20 is loose change to you, but for those on a budget………. not worth your while.

Sorry Richard and Team, you are all lovely but the show needs tweaked to be a ‘must see’ from me.

4 stars for when he was on stage

2 stars for all over value and time on stage.

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