REVIEW – Lunch At The Foot Of The Walk, Leith

Today I had an express lunch at The Foot of the Walk in Constitution Street, Leith.

Foot of the Walk


It’s part of the Wetherspoon’s chain and has been really popular in Leith since it opened in 2001.   Nipped there for a quick lunch today on my friends’ lunch hour, sometimes you just need any kind of grub !

It was pretty busy inside, mainly with ‘older’ clientele and some kids since it’s the school holidays.




I opted for a classic plate of sausages, beans and chips, sometimes you just can’t beat it !  It’s certainly never something I would cook at home and took me back to my school days. 

Very reasonably priced at £2.99 plus a soft drink for 99p, it’s a cheap express lunch !  Sausages were good, as were the beans and chips.  I like how there’s a good selection of sauces in this pub, i.e proper heinz ketchup and HP sauce.

The Foot of the Walk does have some ‘interesting’ clientele and it wouldn’t be unusual to see drunk people at lunchtime.  Just keep an eye on your bag as you dine  😉  

Suitable for disabled ?    Yes, has full disabled access and toilets   :)

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