INFO – Venus and Mars and Other Myths of Mr and Ms

From ancient times to the present, the differences between man and woman have long fascinated and inspired poets and playwrights, who have employed their artistry to weave timeless, emotion-drenched portrayals of the human condition.

To my knowledge, none of them have so far done so using the medium of comedy aprons.

Fortunately, that gap is admirably addressed by Venus and Mars and Other Myths of Mr and Ms, a 50-minute whirlwind tour of some of history and literature’s greatest couples, wardrobe changes being limited to one swift swapping of aprons after another.

Swoon as Romeo and Juliet express their emotions for each other wearing novelty aprons with pictures of boobs & willies on them. Gasp as Anthony & Cleopatra spiral towards their fates with only plastic household apparel for protection. And shudder as Lord and Lady Macbeth (pictured – although which one is Lord and which one is Lady is up for some debate here) try to extricate themselves from their self-spun web of greed, deceit and pvc prints of sexy underwear.

Featuring two young actors with obvious energy and chemistry and some pithy writing & direction, Venus and Mars and Other Myths of Mr and Ms has been generating some great preview run feedback and looks set to be a fast-paced and funny romp through familiar territory everyone can relate to. And it must’ve been a blast buying the costumes.

Venus and Mars and Other Myths of Mr and Ms runs from 7th-29th August (not Sundays) at The Spaces on The Mile, various prices from £6.

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