INFO – One Man Lord of the Rings

Although I’m not a huge fan of comedy routines at the Fringe (I’m of the view that you can switch on E4 most nights and see that kind of stuff for free), I caught Charlie Ross’s One Man Star Wars show a couple of years back and loved it.

Appealing both to my inner geek and my outer critic, Ross achieved a remarkable feat: cramming all 3 Star Wars movies, characters and special effects into a frantic, frenetic and funny 60 minute show. On his own. With no props.

He was back last year with the same show but I gave it a miss, reasoning it wouldn’t be as impressive as the first viewing. Whether that’s true or not, I’ll definitely be catching his 2009 return, with his One Man Lord of the Rings show. Obviously of a very similar ilk, if it’s half as irreverent and accomlished as its predecessor, it’ll be a winner.

My outer critic is cautiously optimistic.

My inner geek is very excited and looking forward to the one-man re-enactment of the battle of Helm’s Deep…

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