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INFO – Socially Retarded by Tomfoolery

We humans can be a cruel bunch. Often, we love nothing more than revelling in people’s misfortunes, whilst at other times we seem fascinated by the ineptitudes and embarassing failures of others. As long as it’s not happening to us, it’s funny, right? Thomas and Thomas of Tomfoolery understand this, and selflessly exploit it for […]

INFO – The Grind Show

In a way, The Grind Show was born here. Founder members of the TBA Collaborative, filled with a desire to create original, compelling drama, visited the Edinburgh Fringe in 2007. They left, inspired by what they had seen and went home to work on creating The Grind Show, a startling and innovative piece of contemporary […]

INFO – Venus and Mars and Other Myths of Mr and Ms

From ancient times to the present, the differences between man and woman have long fascinated and inspired poets and playwrights, who have employed their artistry to weave timeless, emotion-drenched portrayals of the human condition. To my knowledge, none of them have so far done so using the medium of comedy aprons. Fortunately, that gap is […]

REVIEW – There’s a kind of buzz all over the town

Although it doesn’t all really kick off until next week (apart from the Jazz Festival, which starts on Friday), there is a tangible sense of expectancy and industrious preparation about central Edinburgh at the moment. The legendary purple upside-down cow of the Udderbelly (pictured) has its torso in place, and lighting and banners are being […]

REVIEW – L'Alba D'oro Chip Shop, Henderson Row


Perfect for when walking home after a festival show, or any time of the year for that matter is a ‘chippy’ from the famous L’Alba D’oro chip shop on Henderson Row (a  short walk down Hanover Street).   It’s also been awarded 4 stars by the Scottish tourist board !!! I am stuck in my ways […]

INFO – Princess Cabaret

Many successful shows are built around a “what if…?” premise. Princess Cabaret is one such act, asking the question “what if…those demure, graceful and stereotyped Disney Princesses were actually brazen, post-modern feminists with a wicked line in biting satire, song & dance routines and potty mouths?”. Seven comediennes from Sydney University’s Women’s Revue take the […]

REVIEW – The Living Room For Lunch


The Living Room is George Street is part of a national chain, but the venue in Edinburgh is beautiful.  They have a large dining room through the back past the bar, live music in the evenings (weekends) and a selection of tables and curved booths to sit at. I used my List Card here, but I have […]

REVIEW – Doing the Edinburgh Festival for free (or cheaply, at least)

Edinburgh during the Festival can be an expensive affair. Pubs & restuarants bump up their prices, accomodation rates tend to get hiked up through the hotel roof and the cost of show tickets seems to rise every year. I’m lucky, I live here (and no, I don’t have a spare room, sorry) – but it […]

REVIEW – Chez Pierre for Lunch, New Town


Chez Pierre is run by Pierre Levicky who used to run the fabulous Pierre Victoire in Edinburgh.  His restaurant at Eyre Place (New Town)  is one of my favourite and I often dine here with my family and friends at the weekend to enjoy the French food. If you want to try a sample of the […]

REVIEW – Other sites to visit

Believe it or not, there are other sites covering the Edinburgh Festival and the Fringe… The Official Fringe Website – search for shows, buy tickets, read news, browse the forums. As an added bonus, the ticketing system is working this year… The Fringe Guru – an independent site covering all things Fringey. Fringe Guru is […]