We shall remember them

Some acts over the past few years have defined the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for me, and it is with a hint of sadness that I present this short roll-call of absentees from 2009’s line up:

  • The Terrible Infants – I had high hopes for their return after last year’s engaging and imaginative run (and they were on at the Udderbelly in London’s South Bank earlier this month). But alas, their Roald Dahl-style morality tales will not be gracing Edinburgh this year. However, their company does appear to have a hand in a production running at the Pleasance – Ernest and the Pale Moon – so fingers crossed that contains a little pinch of Terrible Infant magic.
  • Gamarjobat – This one hurts. An Edinburgh Festival Fringe without these two madcap and energetic Japanese mime artists is hard to comprehend. Hopefully they’re just taking a year off from Edinburgh and will be back, but the place will be a little less colourful without them. Hopefully Shut Up, Play! will help fill some of the lunatic Asian hole Gamarjobat will leave.
  • Drum Cat – say no more

However, don’t get me wrong – I’m sure this year will be just as exciting, vibrant and vital as those previous. I’m actually excited to see what 2009’s undiscovered delights turn out to be…

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