REVIEW – Tempting Tattie Lunch (off Royal Mile)


Tempting TattieI was wandering up and down the Royal Mile last week when the sun was out and needed some lunch. I headed to the Tempting Tattie on Jeffrey Street (just off the Royal Mile where it becomes the Canongate).

I have been eating here for years and was a regular place for lunch when I worked nearby. They don’t just sell baked potatoes, but do baguettes and paninis aswell.

I chose a small potato (knowing that this is more than enough, even for me ) but you can get medium and large which would give you enough carbs for the week .  There is a huge choice of toppings and you can choose what ones you want if you don’t like the mixtures they suggest.

I opted for the cheese and pineapple one at £2.75 and as you can see, it’s not exactly small.



They are very generous with their portions.  There are no tables inside the shop, but you can sit at the window ledge on bar stools to eat your lunch and watch the world go by.

Outside the shop there is a lovely view of North Bridge and the Balmoral Hotel to and up to Calton Hill.  You can eat as you wander or find a spot on the Royal Mile.

I thoroughly recommend this place for both locals and tourists, as it beats the more expensive options in the area.  It is very quick and allows more time for sightseeing.

Tempting tattie also do a rather nice selection of home made cakes.

Suitable for disabled ?      Yes, it’s on flat ground into the shop and plenty of room inside  :)

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