REVIEW – Sheep Heid, Duddingston


Updated February 2012The Sheep Heid has been completely refurbished and under new management.

The Sheep Heid Inn at Duddingston has been around since 1360 , which is pretty old by any standard.

Since the weather was beautiful on Friday, a visit to Arthur’s Seat was in the master plan, followed by dinner at the Sheep Heid Inn.

Sheep Heid

The Sheep Heid

It’s in Duddingston Village which is a cute wee place worth a visit alone.

We arrived at 4.45pm and grabbed a seat in the beer garden. The place was pretty busy already, so other people obviously had the same idea.

We took our seat outside and ordered from the bar and perused the menu that was on our table, deciding what to have for dinner.

I went to the bar to order dinner, nothing complicated, just 2 burgers with chips, but was told that you’re not allowed to eat downstairs (inside or outside) on a Friday.

We were told we had to go upstairs, where it’s not so fresh and sunny, but there was still a table outside on the balcony.  I just don’t understand on such a sunny day why they didn’t bend this rule as once people saw our burgers walk past them, surely other people were going to get peckish after drinking outside all afternoon?

Beer Garden

Sheep Heid Beer Garden

This is half of the beer garden from the balcony, please note no-one is eating.

Because it was such a hot day, the kitchen which is beside the balcony had its window open,  from the grill, we were soon smothered by the smell of beef burgers and all the other dishes that were being cooked, so had to move from our lovely balcony spot so we didn’t smell like a chippy.

Sheep Heid Burger

Sheep Heid Burger - Delicious

When the burger did come, it was nicely presented and a nice touch was the caramelised onions and lettuce  (£7.45).

The meat was lovely, perfectly cooked (well we did smell it getting grilled ) and the chips were as good as they get.

The burger filled me up and it was a lovely afternoon/evening apart from the fact that we were moved from our lovely seat outside to eat elsewhere.

Suitable for disabled? Yes, there is a toilet on the ground floor.

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