REVIEW – Early Dinner at the Tailend (fish and chips), Albert Place, Leith


Last week I had an early dinner with my mum at the Tailend restaurant at 14-15 Albert Place on Leith Walk.

You can also take advantage of their take away section if you don’t have time to sit in (also cheaper)  WEBSITE

Tail End

Great fish and chips

It’s run by the same people behind the famous award winning Anstruther Fish Bar, which as some of you will know is well worth the journey up the Fife coast (there even used to be coach trips organised just to go eat there, they’re THAT good !)

I’ve eaten here a few times since it opened last year, but this is the first time since I started this site.

It was quiet when we arrived (4.30pm Monday) but pretty much full by the time we left an hour or so later, which shows how popular it is.


Interior Tailend

Staff were friendly and service efficient.  The majority of their menu is fish based, but they do other dishes as well if someone in you’re party is not overly fond of fish.

I opted for the Traditional Fish Tea, which was a lovely piece of haddock (I chose breadcrumbs, it normally comes in batter), peas, chips and a side of bread and butter (£9.50).  My mum, knowing how big the portions were had the haddock in batter with peas  (£8.25).


Fish, chips and peas, cannae beat it

The fish was delicious, flaky and tasted extremely fresh.  You can have the peas in mushy style, but I prefer them as they come.  There was a good selection of sauces to accompany the fish along with proper sarsons vinegar.

We had a soft drink with dinner (£1.95) but after finishing the large portions, had no room for dessert.  They had specials on the board (sticky toffee pudding and apple crumble and custard) but they also sell Luca’s ice cream which is normally irresistable, but I really had no room left.

There was a selection of other fish on the menu, but I just love their haddock and never seem to deviate from what I know and love.

The food is not cheap nor expensive, but as far as fish and chips go, this really is the place to eat as the quality doesn’t disappoint.

Suitable for disabled ?    Yes the entrance in on ground level, but they would have to shift a few chairs to make room as the seats and tables are packed together.

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