REVIEW – Toddle In Sweet Shop, Cockburn Street

Toddle In Sweets  in Cockburn Street is an institution in Edinburgh and one of the few old sweet shops left in the city.


Toddle In, Cockburn Street

It’s an old fashioned one in that it sells jars of sweets sold by the 100g now (used to be called ‘quarters’ which was 4 oz –  quarter of a pound).  Chocolate bars and ice cream are also sold, along with drinks.

They also sell tea, coffee and toasted sandwiches, so you could buy your whole lunch here and the prices are cheaper than anywhere else in the area.

The only problem with this shop is deciding which sweets to go for!   I love the fact they have old classics such as soor plooms (a Scottish sweet) and sherbet strawberries.

Highly recommended from me with all my experience since I was a child.  At the bottom of Cockburn Street, so easy to get to from Waverley Market etc


Selection of Sweets

Suitable for disabled ?  Yes, it’s flat as you enter the shop, but Cockburn Street is on a steep slope, so best to visit from Waverley end.   :)

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