REVIEW – Ivan Brackenbury at The Stand


I went to see Ivan Brackenbury at The Stand comedy club on St Patrick’s Day.

I first saw Ivan at the Edinburgh Festival in 2007 when he was an Intelligent Finance Comedy Award nominee (formerly Perrier awards)

His comedy is new and refreshing and to my knowledge no-one else does this kind of show.  Ivan is a hospital radio DJ and plays music requests to in-patients.  I really can’t give an example without ruining the jokes if you were to see him, but he chooses a patient with a particular ailment and then plays a snippet of the most unappropriate song / lyrics.

It really is orginal and although some of the subjects are a little ‘out there’ it’s great that the act is not spoilt with unecessary swearing, in fact, he doesn’t swear at all, it is hospital radio after all.

He uses old style jingles that used to be on radio in the 70s / 80s and has had celebrities including David Hasselhof do a voiceover for his show saying “you’re listening to Ivan Brackenbury’s disease hour on hospital radio”  Some of the names involved are quite impressive, but they obviously have no idea he is a spoof DJ.

He's Bonkers

He's Bonkers

The whole audience was in fits of laughter and his set was over all too soon.  There was a bonus question and answer session with the host Bruce Devlin which let us see the softer side of Ivan and he took questions from the audience.

Ivan is highly original and I recommend you go to see him when he breezes into town for this years’ festival.
He doesn’t have a personal website, but does have a myspace page which has clips from you tube of his performances if you want a sneak preview
Suitable for disabled ?     The Stand is down a set of stairs in York Place, but they pride themselves on their policy for disabled customers.  The staff will carry / assist you down the stairs if necessary and reserve suitable seating (one of our party was disabled).  The toilets are down the stairs, but if you have mobility problems, they allow you to use the staff / performer toilets on the ground floor.  The staff are extremely friendly here   :)
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