REVIEW – Shiatsu Place

Would you like a Shiatsu Massage ?   Then I recommend the Shiatsu Place on Comiston Road, Morningside .   Prices for an hours’ massage with a qualified practitioner are around £35 per hour.  The rooms are nice, private, with soothing music piped between the treatment rooms.

If you are a little short on cash, but would like to benefit from Shiatsu Massage, then book inwith a student.  They charge from £11 – £16 per hour (for second year student).  I have had massages from both and found the student’s technique to be more than satisfactory for the money I paid.

 It takes a long time to qualify in shiatsu, all staff members are very dedicated.

SUITABLE FOR DISABLED ?      Yes, access is on ground floor and so are the treatment rooms, although Shiatsu is traditionally practised on a futon on the floor, but can be done in a chair.