Monthly Archives: December 2008

REVIEW – Indigo Yard


                Indigo Yard is an institution in Edinburgh that consistently serves up good food at reasonable city prices.  Even better if you join their mailing list here as they regularly send out offers, including 2 for 1’s, one of which I used today (yes, even 2 days before Christmas !).  […]

INFO – Christmas at The Dome

                         I love The Dome at Christmas. It’s a great place to spend an hour having a drink in  between shopping or longer if you are eating. It’s a former bank, I even used to come and deposit my pocket money in here !  Well worth […]

INFO – Bye Bye Woolworths

It’s a sad time that Woolworths shops all over the UK are closing down. The picture is of the Stockbridge Branch. I remember going there as a small child – it was a trip on the bus to get there, a whole day out. The pick and mix was my favourite, but latterly, a great […]