Tiger Lillies – Seven Deadly Sins *****

The Tiger Lillies are an acquired taste. A punk vaudeville burlesque freakshow. Right up my street, then.

In this show, the Lillies perform songs based on the seven deadly sins, the three musicians aided and abetted by the voluptuous Ophelia Bitz, burlesque star extraordinaire. Martyn Jacques falsettos his way through sick & twisted odes and ditties, including the classic “Kicking A Baby Down The Stairs”, as Ms Bitz twists and cavorts, eating fire, stuffing her face or toying with a dildo…
You’re either going to love this kind of thing, or hate it. The Tiger Lillies are that kind of ‘all or nothing’ group – indeed, after one of their slower piano-led pieces, Jacques berates one of the noisier sections of the audience: “if you’re going to talk through my songs, just fucking leave”. I’m right with him on that – these are songs that deserve to be heard, and the whole chaotic spectacle is an experience that demands attention.
The gay Punch & Jud(y)e sideshow that peppers the performance is a bit unnecessary, but it certainly adds to the whole freakish circus nature of the show, which, like La Clique, is perfectly suited for the burlesque interior of the Spiegeltent in which it is performed.
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