The Terrible Infants *****

I’ve never seen a show quite like The Terrible Infants before. Five performers – three male and two female – dressed like vaudeville circus performers, use music, puppetry and props to tell several original Roald Dahl-like morality tales. 

The story of Tilly, the girl who tells so many tall tales she grows a tail, runs through the performance and is interwoven with other, self-contained stories, such as Thingamiboy, the boy who wasn’t there; and Tom, the lad that ate his mum – you kind of get the gist of where they’re coming from here.
The whole is performed in a completely charming manner with a childlike glee and delight expressed by the players and some effective and at times haunting music played throughout. Even some problems with one of the microphones being used didn’t dampen proceedings, and the Terrible Infants succeeded in transporting us all back to our childhood.
Given the subject matter and the family-friendly nature of the production, I was surprised not to see many children in the audience – though I suppose that goes to show we all still nurture that child within us, and delight in a stylish and bewitching show like this to bring it to the fore again, even for a short while.
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