The Elephant Man ****

The Elephant Man is a moving and accomplished one-man production of the story of John Merrick, most notably made famous by the David Lynch movie.

The actor does an excellent job in not only portraying the tortured prisoner of his own flesh Merrick, but some of the ancillary characters, such as the freakshow proprietor, and the surgeon who befriends and takes care of Merrick in the last phase of his life.
Using props such as tailors dummies, hospital screens and a trapeze to excellent effect, the performer takes us from moments of humour and vaudeville to episodes of deeply moving emotion and drama. None of this feels forced, and it is to his credit that he captivates throughout, even though the sound of the fan in the small, stuffy theatre threatened to drown him out at times.
A tragic tale, excellently told and with just the right balance of emotion and mood – this is an easy show to recommend.
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