Samurai Spirit ****

Samurai Spirit is a visually striking and superbly choreographed show of Japanese sword fighting skills.

The cast demonstrate their prowess with katana & bo via a series of set-pieces (the lone samurai against attacking bandits, one man defending a graceful female with parasol, etc) in which the moves and fighting is excellently portrayed.
There are a couple of moments of lighter relief, including one in which a female member of the audience is chosen to learn a few moves, but most are done with seriousness and grace. The cast were involved in the fight choreography for Kill Bill, and the last segment pays homage to this fact with the black-suited combatants attacking each other with flashing blades whilst the music from the movie pumps out in the background.
Sitting in the front row added to the experience, as did sitting beside a couple of Japanese girls in the audience who were loving every minute with infectious enthusiasm.
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