REVIEW – Graffiti Classics


Now a Festival favourite in their fourth year, Graffiti Classics are a young string quartet with a twist. Featuring an English guy with a Nigel Kennedy style barnet, two attractive blondes (one English, one Scottish) and an Irish double bassist with beetling brows and an expressive face, Graffiti Classics play classical favourites with great talent and aplomb, but also inject each number with humour and comedy.

This ranges from a version of Air on a G-String, where the quartet start playing standing up and finish lying flat on their backs (the comedy coming from the double bassist’s struggling attempts to emulate his comrades); or to a fantastically energetic version of the can-can, where by the end, all four are managing to play their instruments in perfect time and tune whilst can-can’ing around the stage.
They look good as well (particularly the blondes in their red evening dresses) and the double-bassist’s expressions are a delight to see. A hilarious encore caps the whole thing off, where they get the whole audience standing and waving Scottish flags, singing Donald Where’s Your Troosers to the tune of Jerusalem.  Trust me, it works, and it’ll ensure I never hear either tune again in the same light…
Great fun from start to finish, Graffiti Classics deserve to be the festival favourites they by now are.
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