Circus Oz ****

Circus Oz is, as the name gives away, an acrobatic and comedy act from Australia. Now in its 30th year (the show is subtitled ’30th Birthday Bash’), the performers are all energetic and enthusiastic, and capable of some impressive feats of skill.

The usual routines, such as juggling and rope climbing are all present and correct, and carried out flawlessly and with visual flair. Highlights include a woman juggling / bouncing ping-pong balls (more impressive than it sounds here) and another female performer spinning around the stage inside a giant hula-hoop.
Live music is played by a band at the back of the stage throughout, and this gives a vaudeville burlesque feel to proceedings, especially as accordion is one of the instruments featured. Nods to Antipodean roots are also given though, most notably in an amusing and impressive routine where the performers – dressed as kangaroos – catapult each other and somersault off a see-saw.
It’s all family friendly stuff and easily recommendable, due to its high spirits, amazing feats and comedy charm.
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