Monthly Archives: August 2008

It’s over…

There are only three things I won’t miss about this year’s festival: the hangovers the nightly taxi trip home bleeding money away like a haemorrage On the other hand, there is much, much more that I will miss: people watching outside the upside-down purple cow at the Udderbelly seeing performers in the streets around “the […]

Jerry Sadowitz ***

Jerry Sadowitz, despite any of his claims to the contrary, is bitter, boys & girls. And sick, twisted, offensive and foul-mouthed as well. The embodiment of the “I’m not discriminatory, I hate everyone” mentality, Sadowitz rants, raves and spits through an hour of close-to-the-bone comedy interspersed with superb close-up magic. Not quite the ‘charming young […]

Clive James in the Evening ****

This enjoyable show featured Australian wit and raconteur Clive James speaking for 90 minutes. Not many could pull this off and still hold an audience’s interest, but James’ delivery and charismatic, gentle style is extremely listenable and entertaining, as are his tales of Australia, Edinburgh weather and Margita Pracitan. Part comedy, part reminiscence, part book flogging, […]

The Jabberwock ***

The Jabberwock is an accomplished piece by theatre group The Scarlet Blade, a quintet of young professionally-trained stage-fighters. Taking a Blair Witch style approach, it begins with a group of friends telling ghost stories around a campfire, until one of them is possessed by the spirit of the tale of the Jabberwock. The rest of the […]

Henry Rollins ****

Spoken-word performances are something which Henry Rollins is now well renowned for, and on the strength of this show it’s easy to see why. Barely pausing for breath, Rollins takes us on a rollercoaster monologue about US politics, world travel and Eddie Van Halen, seemingly pouring out streams of his own consciousness in a polished and […]

Circus Oz ****

Circus Oz is, as the name gives away, an acrobatic and comedy act from Australia. Now in its 30th year (the show is subtitled ’30th Birthday Bash’), the performers are all energetic and enthusiastic, and capable of some impressive feats of skill. The usual routines, such as juggling and rope climbing are all present and […]

Tiger Lillies – Seven Deadly Sins *****

The Tiger Lillies are an acquired taste. A punk vaudeville burlesque freakshow. Right up my street, then. In this show, the Lillies perform songs based on the seven deadly sins, the three musicians aided and abetted by the voluptuous Ophelia Bitz, burlesque star extraordinaire. Martyn Jacques falsettos his way through sick & twisted odes and ditties, […]

Mong Yeong (Love in Dream) *****

Mong Yeong is an original piece of theatre performed by an accomplished South Korean company. A moving and thought-provoking piece examining love, loss and reincarnation, this is performed mostly in Korean, with some English interjections to help explain the story (and also for dramatic effect, in some instances). It deals with a recently-widowed woman and her […]

Samurai Spirit ****

Samurai Spirit is a visually striking and superbly choreographed show of Japanese sword fighting skills. The cast demonstrate their prowess with katana & bo via a series of set-pieces (the lone samurai against attacking bandits, one man defending a graceful female with parasol, etc) in which the moves and fighting is excellently portrayed. There are […]

The Factory *****

Set in the dark, dusty and claustrophobic caverns underneath the Pleasance, The Factory attempts to give a taste of the experience of Jewish concentration camp victims during the Holocaust. Given the seriousness of the subject matter, this was important to get right – any patronising trivialisation of the topic would have been unforgivable. Fortunately, this powerhouse […]